Origo Router Utilities

Last updated: 26th August 2004

Welcome to the African Chief's Origo Router utilities page. At present, there are two utilities (each comes with full Pascal/Delphi source code):
You download and/or use this software entirely at your own risk!

Note: doing anything to the files in your router's firmware may damage your router. Do not try any such thing unless you know what you are doing.

HTZ Tool
The ".htz" files stored in Origo router firmwares are basically zlib compressed files. The HTZ programs allow you to create, decompress, or edit these files.

DLF Tool
The Origo/Safecom/Billion router firmwares sometimes come in DLF files. There are many different DLF file formats. The Origo ones are supported by this tool .

Runtime Library for Linux GUI programs
The Linux versions of these programs were written with Kylix 3. If you do not have Kylix 3 installed on your Linux box, then you will need to download the Qt runtimes. Most people will require only the libborqt library, but you might as well download the full Borland runtimes. Both are available all over the place, and with a few Sourceforge projects.
Runtime Library for DLF Windows GUI program
The GUI Windows version of the DLF program was written with the CLX cross-platform framework (which allows the same code to be compiled for Windows and Linux). It requires a runtime DLL to run under Windows. The command-line Windows version does not require any external runtimes.

Wireless networks need to be secured by 64-bit or 128-bit or 256-bit WEP encryption. Crypter is a Win32 hexadecimal key generator (command-line and GUI versions) for wireless access points/routers/adapters. This program is not supplied with the source code.